Will My Gum Disease Cause Tooth Loss?

Gum disease impacts millions of people and according to the Centers for Disease Control, if you’re over the age of 30, odds are you suffer from some stage of the disease, as over 50% of people 30 and older do. In addition to sore and bleeding gums, this disease could lead to tooth loss. Your El Paso, TX, dentists explain the link between periodontal health and missing teeth, and offer tips for keeping your smile whole and healthy.

The Link Between Gum Health and Tooth Stability

Gum disease forms when plaque buildup and other factors irritate the gum tissue, causing it to become inflamed and pull away from the teeth, forming deep pockets. When bacteria enter these pockets, the disease develops. Over time, the disease will grow more severe unless treatment is administered to manage it. Once periodontitis forms, the advanced stage, this causes the connective tissues between the teeth and gums to break down, leading to adult tooth loss. While gum disease cannot be cured, it can be prevented, and also treated to prevent periodontitis.

Preventive Options

First, avoid consuming too many sugary foods and drinks, and also quit smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products. Let your dentist know if you have an inflammatory illness or take certain medications that could lead to dry mouth and a higher gum disease risk. At home, you should brush your teeth twice a day and floss before bed each night, which removes food particles to limit plaque buildup and the risk of gum inflammation. You also need to see us every six months for a checkup and cleaning, so we can monitor your smile and remove all plaque from your teeth. If you begin to experience sore, red, or bleeding gums, let us know. We can offer a scaling and root planing and discuss routine care to keep periodontitis at bay and protect your smile.

What If I’ve Lost a Tooth?

If you have lost a tooth, we can administer treatment to bring your disease under manageable control. From there, we can discuss replacement options, such as implant dentistry, bridges, or even dentures, which return the function and beauty to your smile and help you avoid the serious complications of untreated tooth loss. If you have any questions about missing teeth or treating gum disease, then contact our team today. We want to help you enjoy your healthiest smile!


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