What Is Tartar, And How Can It Affect Your Smile?

If you start to notice unsightly deposits on teeth, you may be seeing an accumulation of tartar. If you have tried to address the matter by brushing and flossing, you can attest to how difficult these deposits are to remove. Fortunately, the substance can be addressed during a professional dental cleaning! At our El Paso, TX dental practice, you can come in for a routine checkup and cleaning session. Your hygienist will remove any buildup of tartar found on teeth, while also checking for – and removing – plaque, and food debris. Removing tartar is about more than just improving your smile. When this substance is not dealt with, you can be more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease!

You Can Prevent Tartar From Forming, But You Will Not Be Able To Remove It

If you want to defend yourself against tartar on your own, you will need to stay thorough with your brushing and flossing habits. By doing so, you remove harmful bacteria and residue from food, which keeps your teeth and gums in good health. When you consistently remove all unwelcome agents from your smile, you can keep tartar from ever forming. This makes you less likely to deal with gum disease, and tooth decay. Unfortunately, if tartar deposits have already formed, your daily routine will not be enough – you will need to have the material removed by a professional.

Scheduling A Dental Cleaning And Evaluation

At every dental cleaning and evaluation, you receive the kind of care that can help you maintain a truly healthy smile. The cleaning you receive will ensure that your teeth are free of harmful agents. It is also a time for your dentist to discuss your typical routine with you if you have areas of your smile that are not well-kept. When your dentist studies your teeth, problems can be identified and managed before they create complications that require more serious treatment. A relatively small cavity that has not created problems for you can be addressed through its removal, and the placement of a dental filling. If you only show up at the dentist’s office because that cavity is causing painful symptoms, you could wind up needing a root canal treatment!

Take These Steps To Improve Your Daily Oral Care Routine

If you want to do a better job preventing tartar buildup from forming, take the time to reconsider your smile care routine, and look for improvements:

  • Are you paying attention while you brush and floss? Because these activities become familiar to us, people sometimes “zone out” while performing them. Give these tasks your full attention, and make sure you reach every area of your smile.
  • Be consistent with your routine! It can be tempting to skip brushing when you are running late in the morning, or when you feel exhausted at the end of the day.
  • Replace your toothbrush every three to four months, to make sure the bristles are always effective at removing harmful agents.

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