Is Tooth Decay The Reason For Your Issues With Dental Pain?

You know something must be wrong with your smile because you feel pain when you bite and chew, or whenever your tooth is exposed to a particularly high or low temperature. The pain may be present throughout your day, even when you are not putting pressure on your tooth. This is not a problem you should ignore – if your pain seems to linger, you could be experiencing an unpleasant symptom of tooth decay. At our El Paso, TX dental practice, we can provide the appropriate restorative dental work to ensure that your pain stops, and the threat to your tooth is fully addressed.

A Toothache Is Unpleasant, And May Be A Sign Of Serious Dental Trouble

While dental pain can be the result of physical injury, or a consequence of a sinus infection, you should have your dentist look into pain that persists. That discomfort you experience could be due to the effects of an infection that has reached your pulp, and started doing real harm to the tooth’s living tissues. If the problem is given time to worsen, you can wind up developing new issues with infection as bacteria continue to spread. You can even lose that tooth!

Dealing With The Cavity That Is Causing Your Dental Pain

After examining your tooth to determine what might be wrong with it, your dentist can recommend the appropriate treatment. If you have tooth pain due to a cavity, you can require a root canal treatment, which deals directly with issues affecting a tooth internally. Your procedure will involve the safe and careful removal of infected tissues in your pulp, which will then be sealed to protect you from further issues. Once this work is complete, the tooth is restored with a durable, custom-made dental crown.

Want To Avoid Future Troubles With Advanced Tooth Decay? Follow These Tips!

You can have a cavity treated before an infection starts to affect you by causing a toothache! At every regular dental exam, your dentist provides the kind of careful examination that can lead to the discovery of a cavity that is still too small to cause discomfort. At this point, treatment with a dental filling can be all that is required to address the situation. Regular checkups, along with improved brushing and flossing habits, and better diet choices, can also help reduce your risk for developing problems with decay, so restorative dental work will not be required at all!

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