Cavity Care And Your Appearance – What Should You Expect?

It can be alarming to hear that you have a cavity, particularly when that cavity is already serious enough to cause an infection. The harm done by decay is certainly reason enough to worry, but you can also be concerned about what to expect after your treatment is completed. Will your smile still look the way it did before you needed restorative dental care? Will you be able to remain confident in how you look, while also trusting that your dental filling or dental crown can provide the support your tooth needs? Your El Paso, TX dentist’s office uses modern restorations, so your smile is not harmed by treatment. We can also make sure the treatment experience is more pleasant, and more comfortable.

Determining What Kind Of Restoration Your Cavity Requires

After examining your tooth, your dentist will determine whether you need a dental filling, or if your tooth needs the support of a dental crown. The right restoration is the one that provides all the support you need, while preserving as much of your healthy tooth structure as possible. If a filling is all that is required, your dentist will place it, and leave your surrounding enamel intact. For a more serious cavity, a crown completely covers your tooth above your gum line, protecting it from future troubles, and also supporting normal biting and chewing.

Will You Need A Root Canal Treatment To Address Your Cavity?

A root canal treatment is only required when a person’s issues with tooth decay have progressed to the point where that tooth’s pulp is endangered by an infection. It is important to take care of a cavity before it progresses further, as it is possible for the tooth to reach a stage where the only solution left is to extract it. Fortunately, your dentist can make sure the procedure is as comfortable as possible, while also ensuring it is effective at completely restoring your tooth’s health.

We Offer Comfortable Treatment, And Attractive Restorations

Our restorative dental work can leave you feeling happy with your smile after treatment, and more comfortable during treatment! Modern fillings and crowns can be made to match the color and look of your enamel, so there is no visible change to your appearance because you had a cavity addressed. We can also make dental work as comfortable as possible, so your experience is a positive one.

Sunny Smiles In El Paso, TX Can Offer Quality Cavity Care

Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX is proud to provide quality cavity care that can be comfortable, dependable, and attractive! We can also provide the sort of ongoing preventive care that you can count on to keep you free from problems with tooth decay. You can make an appointment by calling our Northeast El Paso practice on Dyer Street at 915-759-7000!