We Offer Care To Address The Health, And Look, Of Your Gums

The health and look of your gum tissues can be significant to your overall oral health, and your appearance. When it comes to your oral health, proper care at home, combined with regular dental exams, can offer you key support against problems like gingivitis. With that said, you should take the matter seriously if you start to detect signs of an infection – without timely intervention, the matter can become increasingly significant, and more difficult to treat. If your concerns around your gum tissues are more rooted in cosmetic issues, you can find out how a gum contouring treatment can lead to great improvements. In addition to helping you address dental concerns, your El Paso, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you tackle these periodontal matters!

Understanding The Connection Between Periodontal And Oral Health

Poor periodontal health can impact your risk for tooth loss later in life, and potentially complicate your ability to manage other health problems. To protect yourself, make sure you are doing a good job of removing harmful bacteria that gather at your gum line, so an infection does not occur. You should also be familiar with the signs of gingivitis, so you know when the matter might call for your dentist’s help. Reddened or swollen tissues should concern you, as should a problem with receding gum tissues. You can also find yourself suffering from a particularly embarrassing problem – people with gingivitis can struggle with chronic bad breath!

Providing Extra Support To Defend You Against Periodontal Problems

When you see your dentist for help with periodontal trouble, they can recommend a special treatment known as a scaling and root planing, or a periodontal cleaning. This session will go beyond cleaning your teeth above your gum line. During your scaling and root planing, the spaces below your gum line will receive attention, as your dentist clears away bacteria that have gathered. This will also include a treatment for the surface of teeth, which will make it more difficult for bacteria to gather.

A Gum Contouring Treatment Can Deliver Exciting Smile Improvements

You can be surprised to learn that work on your gums can lead to some fantastic smile improvements. A gum contouring treatment can actually be a great solution for people self-conscious about teeth that appear short or squat, in addition to being helpful for individuals with bulky or uneven tissues. This cosmetic dental procedure will involve the safe removal of excessive tissues. As a result, you can be thrilled at the sight of your improved smile!

Talk To Sunny Smiles In El Paso About Arranging Quality Periodontal Care

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