Schedule A Root Canal To Save Your Tooth From Advanced Decay

Leaving a cavity untreated can lead to a problem that affects more than just your tooth. As decay worsens, your pulp – the inner chamber of your tooth – can be exposed to bacteria. When this occurs, you can suffer from dental sensitivity and tooth pain. If the problem is not addressed at this stage, bacteria can move through your root to create additional concerns for your well-being. Your El Paso, TX dentist is ready to take on an advanced cavity, and protect your oral health, by performing a root canal treatment. When a root canal treatment is performed, it protects you from an issue that could cost you your tooth!

A Cavity Can Become A Serious Oral Health Threat Over Time

Cavities pose a serious threat to your oral health because, unfortunately, you have no way of stopping its spread on your own. Brushing and flossing your teeth defend you against the formation of a cavity, but these actions will not help you stop one once it has formed. When decay exposes your pulp to bacterial infection, you have to deal with discomfort, and the threat of that infection moving further and creating new issues.

A Root Canal Protects Your Tooth Against Internal Issues

When a cavity has reached the interior of your tooth, your dentist will recommend a root canal for treatment. This is not always needed – if the problem is recognized in time, your tooth can be restored with a dental filling. By attending regular dental exams, you create opportunities for your dentist to spot trouble, and respond before a root canal is required. With that said, you should take symptoms of advanced decay like tooth pain and sensitivity seriously. Reaching out promptly will limit your experience with the issues created by a more significant cavity.

Selecting A Proper Restoration For Your Cavity Treatment

Properly restoring your tooth after a cavity develops will be important. While the procedure stops your current infection, your tooth’s inability to heal on its own after treatment makes a permanent restoration necessary. A dental crown protects your tooth from future problems, and it can provide enough support to make sure you can still bite and chew food without difficulty. You can be happy to know that with modern materials, a dental crown can offer a lifelike appearance that helps you preserve your appearance, as well as your oral health and dental function.

Talk To Sunny Smiles In El Paso About Scheduling A Root Canal Treatment

Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX can provide a quality restorative dental care experience when you have a problem with tooth decay. If you need to schedule treatment for an advanced cavity, you can count on a root canal to fully address your problem. If you wish to learn more, you can contact our Northeast El Paso location on Dyer Street by calling 915-759-7000!