Preparing For Big Smile Changes With Porcelain Veneers

When you have anxieties about your smile, you can have a hard time believing that big changes are possible with a single procedure. Your El Paso, TX dentist’s office can actually use one treatment to cover up problems with discoloration, damage, and even naturally occurring problems with the shape and condition of teeth. Are you interested in transforming your smile, and hiding the flaws that have been a source of embarrassment? If you are, make an appointment to discuss porcelain veneers! While this is not the only cosmetic dental treatment available to you, it may be the only one you need to fully manage your current issues with the way you look when you smile.

What Can You Expect From Cosmetic Work Involving Veneers?

Veneers are able to do so much for a person’s appearance because each custom-made veneer covers the front of its designated tooth. When in position, this attractive restoration provides cover for the different flaws that might hold back a person’s appearance. Worried that your teeth seem unhealthy because of wear and tear? Your veneers can make them appear even, and healthy. Bothered by blemishes that a whitening treatment failed to address? This type of problem can be covered, too!

Planning Your Cosmetic Treatment

To ensure that your veneers precisely fit your teeth, your dentist will perform measurements on each tooth that is intended to receive a restoration. In addition to taking these detailed measurements, you and your dentist can discuss the change to your smile that you are interested in seeing, to allow for the creation of veneers that truly respond to your smile goals. In the process of preparing you for veneers, your dentist can recommend work on your teeth to make sure your veneers fit perfectly once in place. After they are created, your dentist will affix them to your teeth – the bonding process is strong enough to keep them secure for many years without issue.

Take Advantage Of The Cosmetic Services Your Dentist Can Provide

If your goal is to see real smile improvements, talk to your dentist about your treatment options when it comes to cosmetic dental work. Bonding and contouring work can lead to the kind of results you can receive from veneers. Because no custom restorations are used, it is possible to complete this work in as little as one appointment. Some patients will discover that in order to improve on issues like teeth that look short or squat, a gum contouring procedure can be effective.

Talk To Sunny Smiles In El Paso About Using Veneers To Change Your Smile

Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX is prepared to help patients make incredible changes to the way they look! If you want to learn how veneers can help you boost your confidence, and change your appearance for the better, you can reach our East El Paso practice on N. Zaragoza Road by calling 915-849-9000!