A Few Truths About Root Canal Therapy

Treating dental issues, like internal tooth decay, is essential for several reasons. For instance, tooth decay is progressive, and if you don’t treat it quickly, it will only grow worse. Additionally, such issues can lead to high levels of discomfort, which can only be alleviated by addressing the problem. In the case of root canal therapy, the severity of severe tooth decay’s symptoms and threats to your oral health make the procedure more beneficial than many patients realize.

It relieves severe tooth pain

Tooth decay describes an infection in your tooth that’s caused by harmful oral bacteria. In mild cases, this infection is localized to a certain area of your tooth’s main structure, called dentin. In severe cases, the infection can directly affect the tooth’s nerves, which are housed in the pulp chamber at the center of the tooth. The pain of infected tooth nerves is much more intense than mild tooth decay, and the only way to relieve it is to remove the infected tissues with root canal therapy.

It may be more necessary than you realize

Besides tooth pain, internal tooth decay can also lead to more serious oral health issues if the infection spreads through the tooth’s root. In extreme cases, the tooth may have to be extracted to avoid this and restore the tooth, and to prevent infection in the surrounding oral tissues and structure. Fortunately, root canal therapy can often be performed before that becomes necessary.

Learn More About the Value of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy can help save a tooth from severe infection so that you don’t have to remove and replace it. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling the Sunny Smiles dental office nearest you in El Paso, TX, today! We have offices in the East, Northeast, and Westside of El Paso, and happily welcome patients from all nearby communities, including Chaparral, Canutillo, Vinton, and Sunland Park, New Mexico.