Can Bonding Fix Your Chipped Tooth?

Tooth damage isn’t like a cut to your skin or a sprained ankle. Both of these will heal over time, provided there are no unforeseen complications. Your tooth, however, will not, no matter how much time you give it. This makes little things like a chipped edge or cracked surface a more serious concern than they may at first seem. If you don’t fix the chipped tooth, then the damage can grow increasingly worse. Fortunately, a chipped tooth can often be repaired easily and effectively with custom, minimally invasive tooth bonding.

How Tooth Bonding Can Help

Fixing a chipped tooth means rebuilding the small part of the tooth that has broken off. Because tooth chips are typically small, reattaching it isn’t usually an option. However, your dentist can restore the damage with lifelike, tooth-colored composite resin. Known as tooth bonding, your dentist can apply the customized resin to the chipped area of your tooth and sculpt it to fill out your tooth’s contour. Then, your dentist will harden and polish the resin, giving it an attractive finish while ensuring its durability.

In Cases of More Severe Damage

The minimal nature of a chipped tooth is one of the reasons why tooth bonding is such a popular option. Yet, if a more substantial piece of your tooth cracks or breaks off, then bonding might not be the right solution. Your dentist can help you choose a more successful restoration, such as a porcelain veneer or dental crown, to ensure that your tooth doesn’t suffer any more damage, and that your smile retains its healthy appearance.

Learn More About Tooth Bonding

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