3 Major Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

fillingsComposite fillings, or tooth-colored fillings, are becoming increasingly more popular for patients with cavities who want a better option than metal. Even patients who already have metal fillings often choose to replace them with tooth-colored ones to improve their smiles. Yet, the benefits of tooth-colored fillings extend beyond their appearance. The resin used to create them is also a more effective solution to treating cavities and preventing them from recurring.

They blend in with your tooth.

A tooth-colored filling is called such because it’s color and hue can be tinted to match the unique appearance of your tooth. Unlike metal fillings, which only change color if you use a different colored metal (like gold), composite resin fillings offer the advantage of being customized to suit your specific needs.

They adhere better to your tooth.

Tooth-colored resin isn’t just esthetically more pleasant; it also has the ability to be bonded more securely to your tooth structure than metal can. As a filling, this is important because it creates a tighter, more durable seal against oral bacteria. If oral bacteria re-enter your cavity, then tooth decay will set in again and cause more extensive infection and damage.

They’re better at protecting your tooth.

In addition to creating a more effective seal against bacteria, resin fillings also retain their shape, no matter what temperature they’re exposed to. By contrast, metal fillings can expand and contract in the heat and cold (respectively). An expanded metal filling can severely damage your tooth, while a contracted one can leave space between the restoration and your tooth for oral bacteria to re-enter.