Your Custom Filling Can Match Your Enamel

After treating you for a cavity, your dentist can provide a dental filling or dental crown to provide long-term protection. This support is needed, as decay that calls for restorative treatment does irreversible damage to your enamel, but does this mean that your smile will be permanently altered as a result of treatment? Patients who come to Sunny Smiles for treatment can receive dental fillings and crowns that successfully imitate healthy tooth structure. Our fillings are made from a composite resin structure that can both match your tooth and bond to it to provide lasting stability.

You Can Undergo Cavity Treatment Without Changing Your Smile

A restorative dental procedure does not have to change your appearance. It is necessary to permanently support a tooth with a restoration, as our enamel cannot naturally grow back what it loses to decay when a cavity forms. Without this protection, you become vulnerable to further trouble from bacteria and from physical damage. The good news is that a discreet treatment can prevent these complications, and it can avoid any changes that would draw unwanted attention.

Receiving Your Custom Dental Filling

Our practice provides custom dental fillings that are made with a composite resin material that provides exciting cosmetic benefits. This substance can be tinted to match your tooth color, so it will avoid the notice of others even in a prominent location. This is not the only benefit to using it for your treatment. Because this material is biocompatible, it can actually bond to the surrounding enamel and create a secure, stable hold that can keep your tooth safe. Metal fillings are not able to do this, and they are also more reactive to temperature changes, which can lead to problems with insecurity over time that will have to be addressed.

We Can Also Provide Dental Crowns That Preserve Your Smile!

We provide custom dental crowns made from many different material types. When we do work to restore front teeth that are in poor health, we can provide crowns that actually match your tooth structure to provide support for your appearance as well as your oral health. Crowns are used to restore teeth affected by advanced cavities, but they can also be necessary to address physical injuries.

Talk To Sunny Smiles About Receiving A Filling That Matches Your Healthy Enamel!

Through the right approach to cavity treatment, we can make sure that your smile is preserved, just as we can provide sustained physical protection for your tooth. Our office is here to help whenever oral health issues impact your appearance and well-being. We also provide beneficial preventive and cosmetic treatments. If you would like to find out more, contact Sunny Smiles at our Dyer St location in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.