How Does A Tooth Extraction Help Restore Your Oral Health?

The goal of restorative dental work is to fully resolve a problem with your oral health with the most conservative treatment possible. What this means is that your dentist will work to preserve as much of your tooth structure as possible when taking care of a cavity or physical injury. Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to properly deal with a problem is to extract a tooth. How does this approach to treatment help you? When a badly infected tooth is removed, it ensures that bacteria will not spread and cause more harm to your smile. In addition to carefully extracting a problem tooth for you, our practice can give you back your complete smile by offering prosthetic dental work.

A Severe Tooth Problem Is Not Something You Want To Ignore

If your tooth is aching, looks to be in poor health, or is making you uncomfortable for any other reason, you should act quickly to have the matter resolved. If treatment is provided in time, root canal therapy can put a stop to an infection and save your tooth. However, if the problem continues to worsen, you can wind up needing that tooth removed to stop bacteria from spreading further. Once this is done, you can be free from the discomfort that the problem has caused you.

Arranging Your Tooth Extraction

We can arrange a tooth extraction on short notice if the discomfort you feel is serious enough to call for an emergency dental procedure. Once you arrive, care will be taken to minimize discomfort before a tooth is carefully removed. Once the extraction is completed, you will receive guidance on protecting the area where the tooth is removed, as well as information on your options for a prosthetic replacement.

We Can Provide A Prosthetic Replacement For Your Lost Tooth

While wisdom teeth are not replaced after being extracted, we can discuss the use of a custom dental prosthetic to restore any other tooth that has to be extracted. When the time is right, we can provide you with a permanent prosthetic like a dental bridge, which relies on dental crowns to stay in place. When a tooth is replaced, potential problems with your bite function and oral health can be avoided. We also provide ongoing preventive dental care, so we can help make sure you avoid future problems that might lead to tooth loss.

Arrange Restorative Smile Care At Sunny Smiles In El Paso, TX!

If a tooth is in such poor condition that it cannot remain in place, our practice is prepared to safely extract it and discuss your options for replacement. If you wish to discuss this procedure, or arrange care to resolve a problem before it makes extraction necessary, please contact Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.