Toothache That Won’t Go Away? Tell Your Dentist

If you have a toothache that refuses to depart, or frequent issues with dental pain or sensitivity while eating, ignoring the matter can be a big mistake. As nice as it might be for the problem to simply go away, you should be aware that your tooth could have a serious problem. This kind of discomfort can be a warning that a problem is affecting the interior of your tooth, threatening your pulp, and attacking the living tissues within. Instead of simply going away on its own, the problem can actually worsen over time, to the point where your tooth could be lost! Fortunately, your El Paso, TX dentist can provide the appropriate restorative dental procedure.

A Persistent Toothache Can Be A Sign Something Is Seriously Wrong

An infection that reaches your pulp can cause serious discomfort because the pulp houses your tooth’s nerves. This can be a problem because of an advanced cavity. While your dentist can place a dental filling before this problem occurs, patients sometimes go without treatment until the matter progresses to this stage. You can also have lingering pain after an injury causes harm to your pulp, particularly if the tooth is cracked, leaving this space exposed.

Stopping A Serious Dental Problem With A Root Canal

To address a problem that concerns your pulp and root canal, your dentist will perform a root canal treatment. A root canal is an important procedure – if it is NOT performed, the problem affecting your tooth can go on to cause irreversible problems. Your treatment will fully remove decay that has been impacting your oral health, which makes it possible to save your tooth.

A Modern Restoration Can Provide Great Support After Treatment

With a root canal treatment, you can stop a serious problem from taking your tooth. While a root canal makes it possible to keep your tooth, a restoration is required to keep it safe and supported. You can be glad to know that your dentist can provide you with a durable, lifelike dental crown to protect your tooth. The crown will be custom-made so that you enjoy a secure fit. You can be relieved to know that in addition to providing a perfect fit, the crown can fit in perfectly with your smile, thanks to the use of materials like porcelain and zirconia that can mimic your enamel.

Talk To Sunny Smiles In El Paso, TX If You Have A Persistent Toothache

A persistent toothache is something you need to take seriously. If you are dealing with discomfort, you can look forward to expert care at Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX. Our practice can make sure your oral health issues are fully treated in a welcoming, comfortable environment. To learn more about the services we provide, you can reach our East El Paso location on N. Zaragoza Rd by calling 915-849-9000!