Receiving A Modern Restoration During Your Cavity Treatment

Treating a cavity properly requires the placement of a permanent dental restoration. Unfortunately, when tooth decay affects your tooth, the damage it leaves behind will be permanent. This is why dental fillings and dental crowns need to be put in place – once they are set, they can offer needed protection. Your El Paso, TX dentist’s office offers patients modern restorations that closely match the look of their enamel. As a result, you can flash a smile that is not interrupted by conspicuous dental work. In addition to offering cosmetic benefits, modern restorations are effective at preserving your tooth’s health, and allowing you to bite and chew like normal.

Your Dentist Can Check Your Tooth To Determine The Right Restorative Treatment

The appropriate restorative dental treatment for your tooth depends on how serious your cavity has become. If decay only affects your enamel, your dentist can provide a more conservative restoration. These smaller cavities are typically dealt with via the placement of dental fillings. A filling will only take up the space left behind by decay. The composite resin material used to make fillings actually bonds with your tooth structure, making this a stable and long-lasting solution to a cavity.

Larger cavities can do too much damage to make a dental filling an appropriate treatment option. Your dentist can use a full or partial dental crown to help instead. A full crown completely covers your tooth above the gum line. Inlays and onlays cover a portion of your tooth – this means you can preserve more of your tooth structure, while still receiving more protection than a filling offers.

Your Cavity May Require More Than Just Your Restoration

If a cavity has reached the point where your pulp becomes infected, you will require endodontic care in the form of a root canal treatment. Root canals are important to restoring your oral health when you have a serious tooth problem. This procedure leads to the elimination of an infection attacking your tooth’s living tissues. Once it is completed, you can enjoy a relief from the pain this condition can cause you.

Better Smile Protection Can Reduce Your Cavity Risk

Your risk for a cavity can be reduced when you improve your oral care regimen at home, and stick with regular dental exams. At every dental appointment, your dentist is going to look carefully for any signs of oral health trouble, like tooth decay. Because these visits also include detailed cleanings, they make you less likely to experience future problems. Between each appointment, make sure you do your part to protect your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly, and by managing your diet smartly.

Sunny Smiles Is Ready To Take Care Of Your Cavity!

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