What a Porcelain Crown Can Do for Your Tooth

Dental crowns are popular because they can effectively address a wide range of dental health concerns, such as damage to a tooth’s structure or after treating a severe tooth infection. A crown is designed to completely cover and protect the tooth, which stops the damage from growing worse while restoring the tooth’s ability to function properly. At our Northeast El Paso, TX, dental office, we often craft dental crowns from highly customizable and lifelike porcelain, which is not only durable but also more esthetically pleasing than traditional restorative materials.

Offer a more lifelike appearance

Dental porcelain is highly customizable, which means it can be tinted to match the unique color and shade of your healthy tooth structure. The porcelain (or ceramic) is also semi-translucent, just like your natural tooth enamel, and when crafting your crown, it can be layered to recreate the way your healthy, natural teeth reflect light. This gives modern dental crowns the ability to restore your tooth with optimal durability while also improving the appearance of your tooth and smile, all at the same time.

Restore your tooth with better results

Traditional restorative dental materials, such as metal, have often provided adequate results when restoring damaged teeth. However, many of them can produce negative effects on other aspects of your oral health. For example, metal may produce excess friction against the opposing tooth, which can wear it down and lead to the need for more restorative treatment. Metal may also change shape over time, damaging the tooth that the crown is meant to restore, as well as negatively impact the healthy appearance of your smile. By contrast, dental porcelain is highly biocompatible; the porcelain retains its original shape and doesn’t negatively impact your healthy tooth structure.

Provide a complete cosmetic enhancement

Because of dental porcelain’s highly lifelike appearance and customizability, we may recommend placing a porcelain dental crown over a tooth that is severely blemished, even if it isn’t structurally damaged. For example, if a tooth exhibits a significant amount of internal discoloration that doesn’t respond to teeth whitening, then capping the tooth with a custom-designed porcelain crown can improve its entire appearance.

Learn if a porcelain crown is best for you

Today’s crowns are often made from lifelike dental porcelain, which offers a number of different benefits for your smile’s appearance and your oral health. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling Sunny Smiles in Northeast El Paso, TX, today at 915-581-6688! We also have offices in West and East El Paso, and we happily serve patients from Chaparral, Canutillo, Vinton, and all surrounding communities.