How Visiting the Dentist Helps Kids Avoid Cavities

When it comes to preventing cavities, children sometimes seem like they’re at a disadvantage. They may not be as skillful at brushing and flossing plaque from their teeth every day, and they’re less likely to control themselves if tempted with candy or other sugary treats. However, children aren’t inherently more prone to cavities than adults are. In fact, at our El Paso, TX, dental office, we can boot your child’s chances of avoiding cavities through a combination of education, routine preventive measures, and one or more proactive treatments to strengthen their teeth.

Understanding cavities better

The reason why less-skilled hygiene practices can lead to a higher risk of cavities is because cavities develop from the harmful oral bacteria found in plaque. A few types of these bacteria specifically metabolize things like sugar into acids that erode healthy tooth enamel. Before long, this erosion can pave the way for bacteria to infect the tooth, leading to tooth decay and the development of a cavity. A good hygiene routine helps prevent the buildup of plaque, or at least remove it before the bacteria can harm teeth, which is why we focus on educating children on fun ways to keep their teeth healthy at home.

The power of routine prevention

Like adults, children also need to attend a routine schedule of checkup and cleaning appointments, usually at least once every six months. In addition to good hygiene at home, regular cleanings help ensure that your child’s teeth remain free of plaque and its calcified form, tartar, and that oral bacteria don’t have time to erode their teeth. Routine exams also allow us to carefully examine your child’s teeth and determine if a more direct preventive approach is necessary.

A few more proactive options

If your child is at an especially high risk of cavity development, such as if they’re enamel is especially weak, then we may still be able to prevent a cavity with personalized treatment. For instance, fluoride treatment can be applied to the surfaces of your child’s teeth, allowing the mineral to bond to and strengthen the enamel around them. Dental sealants, or biocompatible acrylic layers, can also be applied to the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth to prevent oral bacteria and food particles from collecting in the crevices.

Help your child avoid cavities

Kids can sometimes seem more prone to cavities, but with a good hygiene routine and regular visits to the dentist, they have an excellent chance at preventing them. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling the Sunny Smiles dental office nearest you in El Paso, TX, today! We also have offices in Chaparral, Canutillo, and Vinton so we can easily serve patients throughout all surrounding communities.