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See Big Smile Improvements With Our Take-Home Whitening Kit

Is it really possible for a dental treatment you take home and use on your own to offer professional-quality improvements? At our El Paso, TX dental office, we can provide you with a personalized whitening kit that you can use at your convenience to produce terrific smile improvements. Your kit will feature professional-strength whitening agents… Read more »

Look Into The Great Smile Improvements Veneers Can Deliver

If your smile sometimes causes you to feel anxious, or embarrassed, you may be interested to know how cosmetic dental work can help. People who want to change their appearance by addressing dental flaws can be intrigued by the idea of treatment, while feeling hesitant to commit to care due to concerns about how long… Read more »

Address Unflattering Periodontal Issues With Gum Contouring

While gum disease is definitely a worthwhile concern, you might be focused on the cosmetic issues your periodontal tissues cause for your smile. Bulky gums, or uneven tissues, can become a distraction that makes your smile seem less attractive. If your teeth appear too small, excess gum tissues could be to blame. At our El… Read more »

We Can Offer A Better Approach To Brightening Your Smile

If you only attempt to improve on your smile color with store bought whitening products, or different brands of toothpaste that promise to make your teeth brighter, you can find yourself disappointed. While these products can help you if you want to remove stains on the surface of your enamel, you can find that more… Read more »

Arranging The Right Cosmetic Work To Improve Your Smile

How achievable are your goals when it comes to cosmetic dental work? Because our El Paso, TX dental office offers multiple procedures that can correct smile flaws, you can find a path to your ideal changes. In fact, your dentist can talk you through the different treatment options you can count on, and help you… Read more »

Have Teeth Stains Hurt Your Confidence In Your Smile?

Because so many popular foods and beverages can leave stains behind on our teeth, dental discoloration can be a common problem. Of course, even if you are not the only person affected by this issue, you can feel particularly frustrated with the way your appearance has been hurt by gathering stains. While store bought products… Read more »

Identifying The Right Treatment To Correct Your Smile Flaws

Is there a cosmetic dental treatment available to address the specific issues you have with your smile? You can be surprised by just how effective a procedure can be at correcting a range of different appearance flaws. You can see to it that your teeth look brighter and healthier, while also hiding alignment flaws that… Read more »

Arranging Treatment To Deal With Significant Teeth Stains

Significant teeth stains can be difficult to address when you only try to address the problem with store bought whitening products. These products can help you make improvements by removing stains from the surface of your teeth, but you can have particles below the surface of your enamel that remain. If you want to see… Read more »

Can One Cosmetic Treatment Address Multiple Issues?

How much difference can you really make for your appearance if you only schedule one cosmetic dental treatment? How many steps are going to be required if you want to deal with multiple flaws? These are important questions – after all, a person’s willingness to undergo cosmetic work can be affected by what they think… Read more »

Using Dental Work To Improve The Look Of Misshapen Teeth

How worried should you be if your teeth seem to look misshapen, or if you have a tooth that appears out of place with the rest of your smile? If these flaws impact your appearance, you can feel some understandable concern, and have an interest in what you can do about the matter! Fortunately, cosmetic… Read more »